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Spoil Your Bunny with the Pampering Bumbox Rabbit Litter Box - Now in 3 Lovely Colors!

Hop on over and lend me your ears, fellow rabbit lovers! Do you want the inside scoop on the most PAWsome new litter box that will make your bunny feel like royalty? Then let me tell you about the Bumbox Rabbit Litter Box, now available in snazzy blue, pretty pink and creamy white colors!

This isn't just any old litter box - the Bumbox is a bunny-pampering DREAM! I know you want your fuzzbutt to live a life of luxury, so keep reading to learn how the Bumbox can transform your rabbit's potty time into a pampering spa experience!

Spa-Sized for Mid-Sized Bunnies Up to 9 lbs

The Bumbox is specially designed for medium 3-9 lb rabbits who want to kick back and relax while taking care of business. At 15.75" x 11.02" x 7.48", this litter box gives your mid-sized bun plenty of room to spread out without getting lost.

It's like a personal home spa just for your bunny! The blue, pink and cream color options add a touch of charm to your rabbit's space too. Ditch those cramped little boxes and treat your bunny to the comfort of the Bumbox!

Sink into the Plush Grid that's Gentle on Tender Paws

No more ouchie wires poking sensitive paw pads! The Bumbox has a cushy soft plastic grid that feels like a fluffy cloud to bunny feet. Your rabbit can lounge in comfort while the grid lets waste fall through.

Wire grates can irritate bunnies' feet, but the Bumbox's plush grid gives them a little foot massage! It prevents sore hocks and infections so your bunny stays happy and healthy. Treat those paws to some luxury!

Super Quick Spa Cleaning for More Bunny Time

Let's be real, scooping litter is NOT a fun spa treatment. But the Bumbox makes cleanup a breeze with its genius 3-part system! Remove the waste tray, sift out poops with the filter, and return the clean litter.

With the Bumbox, you refresh the litter in minutes and never have to dump it all. More time snuggling your bunny, less time scooping - now THAT'S pampering!

Sturdy Design for Stress-Free Lounging

Tippy litter boxes that spill all over stress bunnies out. But your rabbit can relax in the Bumbox knowing its smart shape and cage attachment prevent spills.

Bunnies can romp and play in their Bumbox without worrying about knockovers. No more coming home to a stressed-out rabbit! The Bumbox offers serious peace of mind.

Treat Your Bunny to the Royal Treatment!

Do your rabbit a solid and swap their lackluster litter box for the pampering Bumbox! With its fashionable colors, plushy grid, quick cleaning and stability, your bunny will feel downright royal.

Bring some luxury into your fuzzy friend's life today by hopping over to Amazon and getting the Bumbox Rabbit Litter Box now! Your bunny deserves the royal treatment!

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