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The Extra Large Bumbox Deluxe Bunny Litter Box: Your Rabbit's Comfortable Home Potty

As a devoted rabbit owner, you know how important it is to have the perfect litter box set up. A clean, spacious, and comfortable litter box allows your bunny to take care of business happily and healthily. But finding the right litter box can be a challenge. Many options are too small, flimsy, or difficult to clean. That's why we'd like to introduce you to the Extra Large Bumbox Deluxe - the ultimate litter box for your furry friend.

In this post, we'll tell you all about the features that make the Extra Large Bumbox Deluxe the best choice for your big bunny. From the extra roomy interior to the plastic grate for secure footing, you'll see why this litter box offers optimal comfort and convenience. Read on to learn how the Extra Large Bumbox Deluxe provides a litter solution both you and your rabbit will love.

Spacious Interior Comfortably Accommodates Large Rabbits

 With dimensions of 6.45”L x 15”W x 21”H, the Extra Large Bumbox Deluxe is made to give even the biggest bunnies plenty of room. Whether your rabbit is a Flemish Giant, Checkered Giant, or French Lop, they’ll have space to move around and get comfortable.

Smaller litter boxes cram and confine larger rabbits. But in the Extra Large Bumbox Deluxe, your big bunny can stretch out and relax while taking care of business. They won’t feel constrained or uncomfortable in their own potty space.

Plastic Grate Provides Secure Footing and Prevents Sore Hocks

The Extra Large Bumbox Deluxe features a plastic grate bottom that provides sturdy, comfortable footing for your rabbit. The grate allows urine and feces to fall through while keeping your bunny’s feet clean, dry, and supported.

Regular litter boxes often have solid bottoms that can lead to foot sores and bacterial infections. But the plastic grate is gentle on sensitive rabbit feet and improves comfort. Your rabbit will avoid developing painful sore hocks that often afflict large breeds.

The grate also stabilizes the litter box and prevents tipping. Your rabbit can move around with total security. They won’t get injured or trapped by accidental box flips.

Innovative 3-Stage Sifting System Cleans Litter in Minutes

The Extra Large Bumbox Deluxe makes litter cleanup a total breeze with its patented 3-stage sifting system. Simply remove the internal waste tray, sift out waste with the stainless steel filter, and return clean litter to the box.

There's no need to dump everything and start fresh with new litter each time. The innovative sifting process saves you money on litter supplies and takes just minutes, even with a large box.

Stay-Fresh Odor Control Keeps Your Home Smelling Clean

A large litter box needs excellent odor control to keep smells at bay. The Extra Large Bumbox Deluxe neutralizes odors with an activated carbon filter in the lid. High walls prevent tracking and scattering that could release odors into your home.

Affordable Pricing Makes This A Super Value

With all these great features specially designed for large rabbits, you may assume this litter box comes with a massive price tag. But it's very reasonably priced at just $57.99 on Amazon.

When you consider the extra interior space, secure plastic grate, and stay-fresh odor control, the Extra Large Bumbox Deluxe saves you money long-term. Invest in your big bunny's comfort and health today!

Give Your Large Rabbit the Perfect Litter Box

If you want to provide your big bunny with the ideal litter setup, look no further than the Extra Large Bumbox Deluxe. With enough interior space for large and giant breeds to feel at ease, a secure plastic grate bottom, and innovative odor control, it's a clear choice. Give your rabbit a home potty they'll love by ordering the Extra Large Bumbox Deluxe today!

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