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Rabbit Litter Box: Your Bunny Will Love This

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

We got the perfect rabbit litter box for your bunnies!

Say no more to:

  1. Possibilities of having sore hocks

  2. Smelly corners

  3. Splashing bunny urine

  4. Hard-to-clean litter box

a product poster containing the product name "THE BUMBOX" (litter box) and then below is a picture of a bunny in a litter box

Bunnies are excellent indoor pets. They are great companions if you are looking for a pet to adopt. Pets that are not litter trained will, of course, scatter everywhere inside your house. Good thing rabbits can be litter-trained, so you don’t have to worry about smelly corners.

Due to a high fiber diet, rabbits can poop more than other household pets, around 200-300 poop pellets a day. They urinate 2-8 times daily. Your bunny needs a litter box.

Rabbit Litter Box

Good news for you bunny parents! We’ve got a product to help you litter train your bunny. It’s called BUMBOX!

Bumbox is our version of a rabbit litter box. Why is our litter box different from other litter boxes out there?

Rabbit Litter Box: Bumbox Design

Rabbit specialists designed it; that’s why it’s guaranteed that your bunny will love to use Bumbox. Bunnies have different sizes and our litter box can accommodate between 3-9lb, making bunnies move around the box comfortably.

Litter boxes with lower walls make the bunny’s urine splash, while litter boxes with higher walls make it harder for bunnies to hop inside. Bumbox provides an accurate wall height so the urine won’t splash outside the box.

It is easy to access for all bunny sizes because the bottom pan is just 3.5”, which is just enough to hold all waste, but it's not too tall that the bunny will have any trouble hopping on.

Easy-to-clean: Rabbit Litter Box

Some bunny litter boxes are three-way and some have drawers. Three-way litter boxes are hard to clean because you have to disassemble three pieces of parts, while litter boxes with drawers tend to leak because the corners might get broken by removing and putting them back under the main box. We don’t want urine spilling on the floor.

Bumbox, on the other hand, can be separated into halves, making cleaning easier.

Litter Box Grid

Bumbox has big enough grids for poop to easily fall inside the box and enough grid size to support the bunny’s feet. The grids are soft, with no sharp edges to prevent sore hocks.

Litter Box: Available Colors

It’s more exciting because we give bunny parents choices of colors you and your bunny will love. Bumbox rabbit litter box comes in three different colors; pink, blue, and cream.

Bunny Owners

Hey, bunny parents, don’t waste your time thinking about litter boxes that will suit your bunnies.

Bumbox is available on Amazon. You can visit our website HoppScotch.bun, so you will be updated on new products and blogs. Testimonials of bunny parents who purchased bumbox are on our website!

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