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Pros and Cons of Adopting a Rabbit

A black bunny showing its lower front incisor

Wait! Before you adopt a bunny, have you considered the pros and cons? It's not all about looking at the furry, cute, and small pet in the living room doing binkies and zoomies. It's not all that. This is not to scare you or keep you from adopting a bunny. We created this blog to give you an overview of having a pet rabbit at home. It's an exciting experience!

What are the pros of having a bunny?

1. Intelligent

Who says a bunny cannot be trained? Rabbits can learn fun tricks. (Bini the Bunny is the proof) Rabbits understand their owners' body language, too, so be careful how you react in front of a bunny.

2. Quiet

If you live a peaceful and relaxed lifestyle, a pet bunny is the perfect one for you! They're quiet animals and content with playing and sleeping.

3. Can be litter-trained

Pet stores sell rabbit litter boxes because they know rabbits are intelligent and can be litter-trained. You don't have to worry about free-roaming your bunny because it can be taught how to use a litter box. (Check this Rabbit Litter Box)

4. Lives up to 8-12 years

8-12 years is a long commitment to taking care of your bunny and enjoying its company. Rabbits can only live up to 12 years if taken care of properly.

5. Doesn't need a wide place

Bunnies don't need a mansion or a big house. They're good with whatever the size of the home as long as they are free-roamed. Besides, they are small pets and can still hop around an uncluttered abode unless you have a Flemish Giant; anyway, as long as the house is clean and they have space for their litter box and feeding corner. They will be fine.

6. Lovable

They say a rabbit bites. It's true. Most animals bite humans if they're not properly handled. Rabbits are lovable and clingy pets. They love nudging and licking their owners for treats. A bag of delicious treats is equal to their loyalty to you. Kidding!

7. Not smelly

You don't have to bathe a rabbit because it can groom itself. Rabbits are clean animals and not stinky, but you must brush your bunny's fur to avoid a matted coat.

8. Encourages you to live a healthy lifestyle

Rabbits are herbivores. If you have a bunny, you will also be motivated to eat leafy greens and other healthy food. Bunnies love to munch on their vegetables and fruits! (Remember to give a limited amount of vegetables and fruits)

What are the cons of having a bunny?

1. High-maintenance pets

If you have a bunny, expect your bills to increase. They're high-maintenance pets, from fresh hay to toys you have to buy. You also have expenses for bunny-proofing your home.

2. More attention and bond

This goes to the cons of having a bunny if you're a busy person. Your bunny needs attention, love, care, and more bonding activities. If you can't do all this, adopt one more bunny so they can bond together.

3. Poops a lot/ droppings around the litter box

Bunnies poop a lot in a day. They can poop up to 300 little ball-like droppings. You should also expect that the poops are not always inside the litter box. You can find them around the litter box. Regular cleaning of your bunny corner is important.

4. Cannot be left alone for extended hours

Do rabbits miss their owners? The answer is yes. They cannot be left alone for several hours or a few days because they can get sad, leading to bunny depression.

5. Needs outdoor activities

If you're an indoor type of person, this will not work if you have a bunny. Bunnies need to play outside for them to become healthier. They need fresh air and sunlight for vitamin D.

6. Everything is bunny-proof

Bunny-proofing your home is not yet the end of bunny-proofing. You must make a rabbit-friendly garden. Always make sure that everything inside your property is rabbit-friendly.

7. Loves to chew

You know about this! You need to bunny-proof your home because bunnies love to chew. We can't prevent this 100% because all bunnies can find ways to chew clothes, shoes, plants, and couches. Bunnies are intelligent animals.

8. Always need your supervision

Rabbits always need supervision because of their curiosity; sometimes, their curiosity can lead them to danger. Ensure your bunny's safety so it can live a long life.

Disclaimer: We are not professional veterinarians or medical doctors. We created this blog based on our experiences with pet rabbits, volunteered hours in the rabbit shelter, extensive pet product research, and experienced peers. The purpose of this blog is to provide information about properly taking care of rabbits. Please know that it is still best to visit the vet regularly. For medical emergencies, contact a rabbit-savvy vet. Always observe your rabbits around new products or environmental changes.

Final Thoughts on Pros and Cons of Adopting a Rabbit

Did you feel excited or frightened after reading the pros and cons of adopting a rabbit? Don't be scared of caring for bunnies because they need you. There are so many rabbits in the shelter waiting to be adopted. Don't hesitate to adopt them if you think you can care for them.

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