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How Do Rabbits Choose Who They Kill?

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

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Rabbits choosing who they want to kill is figurative to show that rabbits can attack and are sometimes dangerous; that’s why they’re called 'bad bunnies'. But still, the possibility of a rabbit killing is never zero.

Rabbits are one of the prey animals in the food chain as they rank low compared to other animals that eat meat rather than plants. Rabbits that live in the wild face different dangers because most animals there look for another animal's meat and rabbits are one of their targets.

Whereas pet rabbits or indoor rabbits are the ones that are sheltered and protected from predators unless they live with cats or dogs that hate bunnies, that is going to be a problem.

You will never think of bunnies killing other animals because of their appearance. They are furry, small, and almost look like tiny stuffed toys, and most of the time, they love interacting with their owners or other bunnies.

Some might be relieved that rabbits are herbivores because if they're carnivores, it won't match their appearance. Kidding aside! Be careful with bunnies and care for them properly so their front incisors will not dig into your skin.

Why Would a Bunny Want to Kill?

If bunnies want to kill or attack, why would they do it? For what reasons?

1. Maternal Instinct

A female rabbit is very protective of its offspring. It can attack someone or even animals if it senses danger. A mother rabbit will do anything to protect its kits, even in the hands of a bigger predator.

2. Territorial

A rabbit can attack an invader and can result in a painful bite. If the invader doesn't stop trying to enter the territory, it can result in a worse situation than biting.

3. Mating/Dominance

Killing or attacking also happens during this season. Two bucks will fight for a doe. And because mating is vital for bucks, they will not stop until one loses or die. If one already wins, this also means being in control over a doe.

Can Rabbits Kill Other Animals?

Rabbits don't intend to kill other animals for meat because rabbits are herbivores. If you see a bunny attacking a predator, that means to get any chance to survive and run. Rabbits don't fight to kill.

Can Two Bunnies Harm Each Other?

Two bunnies can harm or kill each other because of hate or dominance. This happens mostly to two unneutered/unspayed bunnies. It often points to mating. When a buck wants to mate, but the doe doesn't want it, they're going to fight. If two bucks dislike each other because of a doe, they will fight too.

Disclaimer: We are not professional veterinarians or medical doctors. We created this blog based on our experiences with pet rabbits, volunteered hours in the rabbit shelter, extensive pet product research, and experienced peers. The purpose of this blog is to provide information about properly taking care of rabbits. Please know that it is still best to visit the vet regularly. For medical emergencies, contact a rabbit-savvy vet. Always observe your rabbits around new products or environmental changes.

Final Thoughts on Rabbits Choosing Who They Kill

Neutering and spaying solve the problem of mating. Suppose bunnies fight because of mating; getting them fixed is the best option. Your bunnies cannot kill you but can harm you because of their front incisors, so be careful. Be gentle to your bunnies always. Have a fantastic bunny parenting experience!

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