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Free-roam Rabbit Tips

a bunny in between a blanket and pillow

Photo by Lena Glukhova

Free-roaming rabbits are always happier because they get to explore and have the chance to run around the whole place of their owners. And because it is not always as easy as living with a dog, some bunny owners don't let their bunnies free-roam a hundred percent in the house.

If you are one of them, we provide tips to train your bunny to run, jump and play in your home without worrying about things that might get in the way.

Importance of Free-roaming Rabbits

It is natural for rabbits to explore freely because that's what rabbits in the wild do. If you don't give your bunny that opportunity like wild bunnies, it might get depressed or stressed. If you keep your bunny confined in a cage or small space all of the time, it will not have much room for exercise or exploration.

Here are 3 Helpful Tips for Free roaming Bunnies

Tip no 1: Litter box

A litter box is a must! Bunnies can learn to potty-train, so it's not a problem when you want your bunny to free-roam.

Tip no 2: Grids

These grids are like your bunny's playpen. You can put the grids where you don't want your bunny to enter. Some bunny owners with free-roaming bunnies put grids around their beds so their bunnies can't climb on them.

Some owners put grids on the couch when they leave the house because it prevents bunnies from chewing on them.

The grids are also helpful in protecting the walls and the corners. When a rabbit is bored, it might chew the corners of your walls, making it look weird.

Tip no 3: Cord Covers or Basket

This tip is so important. If you cannot always supervise your bunny, protect it by covering cords and wires to prevent electrocution. Get a basket and put all the wire extensions inside to prevent your bunny from reaching it.

Disclaimer: We are not professional veterinarians or medical doctors. We created this blog based on our experiences with pet rabbits, volunteered hours in the rabbit shelter, extensive pet product research, and experienced peers. The purpose of this blog is to provide information about properly taking care of rabbits. Please know that it is still best to visit the vet regularly. For medical emergencies, contact a rabbit-savvy vet. Always observe your rabbits around new products or environmental changes.

Final Thoughts on Indoor Free Roaming Rabbits

It's easy to train your bunny to free-roam if you are mindful of the place and the possible causes of accidents. Researching this matter is also a big help because not all bunny parents know this the first time they bring their rabbits home.

Sadly, some bunnies owners don't give their rabbits a chance to become a hundred percent free-roamed for some reason.

We are sharing some helpful tips and blogs to prepare and help you give your bunnies the best life they can have.

We hope this one helps!

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