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Flemish Giant: Largest Rabbit Breed

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

a flemish giant rabbit loafing on dried leaves

If you are amazed by the cute size of the smallest rabbit breed, you'll also be in awe of how massive the size of this breed is! We are talking about the Flemish giant rabbit. Many people aren't aware of this breed; if ever they are, they would be astounded by the size, so they don't choose to adopt these gentle giants.

Flemish Giant Rabbit Breed

The Flemish Giant is the largest rabbit breed in the world. The giant breeds of rabbits typically weigh 10-15 pounds, while the average size of rabbits only weighs 2-4 pounds. The Flemish Giant rabbit breed can get up to 20 pounds for females and up to 22 pounds for males.

Female rabbits have dewlaps, a fold of skin under the chin that contains fatty tissues. The purpose of dewlaps is to provide extra fur for female rabbits making nests. On the other hand, male Flemish giants have broader heads.

When it comes to the color of this breed, they have at least 7:

  • black

  • blue

  • fawn

  • light gray

  • steel gray

  • sandy

  • white

Where does this largest rabbit breed originate?

The Flemish Giant rabbit breed originated in Belgium in the 16th century. In 1893, the first standards for the breed were written and then imported to the United States.

Their primary purpose back then was for meat and fur, but because the bone ratio was bigger than the meat, they stopped it for show purposes–and it worked. Today, some people own the biggest breed, the Flemish giants, as their household pets.

Does the Flemish Giant rabbit breed make a good house pet?

They make good pets if they are treated well like other average-sized bunnies. They can also be litter-trained so they can 100% free-roam in the house. If you want to have a Flemish giant as a pet, you should expect that the basic needs are double or triple the amount of what a smaller rabbit breed needs.

They are also known as the kindest breeds and they are less aggressive. One more thing, you can get more cuddles from them!

This large breed is prone to obesity and sore hocks if not well-taken care of. They need to have bigger spaces so they can exercise and play daily.

Flemish Giant Breed: Life span

The Flemish giants usually live 8-10 years. And some say they live 5-8 years. We never know the exact answer to that; those estimated years can be actual, depending on how well we care for the breed.

Disclaimer: We are not professional veterinarians or medical doctors. We created this blog based on our experiences with pet rabbits, volunteered hours in the rabbit shelter, extensive pet product research, and experienced peers. The purpose of this blog is to provide information about properly taking care of rabbits. Please know that it is still best to visit the vet regularly. For medical emergencies, contact a rabbit-savvy vet. Always observe your rabbits around new products or environmental changes.

Final Thoughts on the Flemish Giant Rabbit Breed

Large breeds of rabbits like the Flemish giants require a lot of daily needs because of their size. They can also be a good companion in the house, but considering their size, it will not be the same as the average size of rabbits, especially the space they need and the amount of hay they consume daily.

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