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Best Corner to Set Up a Rabbit Playpen

an indoor bunny

Photo by Alexas Fotos

All rabbits deserve a nice bunny playpen or a bunny condo. This doesn't mean we are locking our rabbits in a place where there is limited space to play. Setting up a rabbit playpen means adding corners for bunnies where they can eat, play, relax, or potty.

If you are a bunny owner or about to adopt a bunny, it makes you feel excited to create a place for your bunny by visualizing the perfect corner and design for it. Every bunny parent has been there because they want the best for their rabbits but often don't know where and how to set up an indoor rabbit playpen.

Where is the Best Corner to Set Up an Indoor Rabbit Playpen?

The best corner to set up a bunny playpen is an area where the sunlight reaches. Most playpens are set up beside windows in the living room so that when the sun shines, it can light the bunny corners. Indoor bunnies should experience playing under the sun in the morning, even inside the house. Vitamin D is essential for their bones and teeth.

Placing the playpen near the window is an advantage whether your bunny chooses to play in it or not. If it decides to play in it while the sun shines in the morning, then good; if not, it's not a problem. We must always go for the advantage when caring for a bunny.

What's Inside a Bunny Playpen?

Your bunny's playpen should have:

  • Drinking bottle/bowl

  • Hay feeder

  • Litter box with hay

  • Cardboard box (hiding place)

  • Toys

Playpen for Indoor Rabbits

Some pets' fences have connectors that you can use to connect all the square fences. Your bunny might chew the connectors if it's not entertained with other toys and wants to chew, so it's better to use cable ties because they're subtle and not big enough, which your bunny can't notice easily.

For the flooring of the playpen, you can use a flat rug so it will be comfortable for your bunny. Choose a flat rug that's a bit larger than the full size of the playpen so your rabbit cannot access the edges. Investing in cleaning tools like a vacuum to easily clean their corners/playpens is also suitable.

Disclaimer: We are not professional veterinarians or medical doctors. We created this blog based on our experiences with pet rabbits, volunteered hours in the rabbit shelter, extensive pet product research, and experienced peers. The purpose of this blog is to provide information about properly taking care of rabbits. Please know that it is still best to visit the vet regularly. For medical emergencies, contact a rabbit-savvy vet. Always observe your rabbits around new products or environmental changes.

Final Thoughts on the Best Corner for an Indoor Rabbit Playpen

We hope you've learned something from this blog and that you'll apply it if you're considering adopting a bunny.

f you're considering adopting a bunny, there's no better place to put their playpen than in the corner of your living room near the window. A corner in the living room is the best place because it's more likely to remain uncluttered and out of the way, giving your bunny plenty of space to play.

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