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  • Robust & Durable - Our Rabbit Litter Box Cage Hooks, designed for outdoor and indoor rabbit cage setups, are crafted from high-quality materials to bear weight effortlessly
  • Easy to Install - Our Heavy Duty Hooks, a perfect addition to your bunny supplies and rabbit cage accessories, are easy to install. No tools or complicated setup needed. Simply attach them to the sides of your bunny cage or rabbit cage using the provided screws, and they will securely hold the litter box in place.
  • Versatile Compatibility - Our Cage Hooks are compatible with most indoor or outdoor cages, including wire cages, plastic cages, and wooden cages. They are designed to fit a wide range of cage sizes and shapes, making them a versatile accessory for any rabbit owner.
  • Chic & Modern - Our Cage Hooks boast a sleek design, ideal for any home decor and pet accessories. Available in various colors for a bunny litter box, large cage, medium & small rabbit cage, outdoor setup, and pet box. Select the one that perfectly matches your style.
  • Maintains Tidiness - Our Heavy Duty Hooks for bunny supplies and rabbit cage accessories are designed to keep your rabbit's space tidy and spill-free. Preventing the litter box from tipping over or sliding around, these hooks ensure a clean environment and avoid messy accidents.

Heavy Duty Cage Hook - Perfect for Rabbit Litter Boxes - Rabbit Accessories for

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