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Discover the ultimate satisfaction for your bunny's potty routine with HoppScotch.bun! While it may take a little time for your furry friend to adjust, our commitment to your satisfaction is unwavering. We've extended our guarantee to 180 days from the date of order receipt, ensuring a full 100% money-back refund if needed.

Not the right size? Not vibing with the color?

Simply changed your mind?

No worries! You can easily refund your order, and we'll promptly return your money to you. Just scan the QR code found on the card included with your order to automatically register for the extended guarantee.


Misplaced the card? No problem – reach out to us, and we'll manually register your warranty for you with your order number. Hop into worry-free bunny care with HoppScotch.bun's Bumbox – satisfaction guaranteed!


Bumbox Deluxe

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Bumbox Original


Make the bumbox your rabbit's best friend. No more stepping on hard pellets or having smelly scatter every where. Finally your bunny and you will agree on the same thing without causing your bunny to feel unnatural. Best of all, these large rabbit toilets fits in every livable cage for bunnies.


Rabbits comfortably hide behind the walls of the toilet and lounge freely across the grid.

The bumbox is equipped with heavy-duty material, wide enough for 3-9 lb. rabbit to lounge in comfortably. Your bunny will naturally attract toward the rabbit toilet, as they are naturally curious and territorial.



How to Use:

  1.  Place Bumbox in Bunny's favorite corner. 

  2. Add your choice of litter bedding/liner/pads to base

  3. Top with hay flat on the grid so rabbit may snack

  4. Dump litter twice a day

  5. Clean bumbox

Cleaning Guide:

1) Separate grid pan halves & dump excess

2) Clean with hot, warm water & a little Dawn soap

With such deep pan, you can fill base with paper bedding, pads, or any of your choice of bedding without spillage. Cage hooks are included.


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Bumbox Hay Feeder

3-in-1 combination fun for your buns!

A combination of bumbox and hay feeder This innovative, multi-functional accessory is designed with your rabbit's well-being in mind, combining convenience and practicality in one sleek unit. Crafted with your convenience in mind, this 3-in-1 accessory is designed for easy assembly and maintenance. Its thoughtful design not only saves space but also simplifies your daily routine, giving you more quality time to bond with your beloved furry companion.

The Bunny Crate

Monthly delivery of rabbit essentials

The Bunny Crate is an international subscription box for pet rabbits. Each box contains a curated group of products, including treats, toys, and supplies - all proven to promote healthy, happy bunnies and stress-free bun parents!

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Enjoy huge discounts, exclusive promotions and updates on all events and upcoming products, plus free gifts and new items to try when you join our  HoppScotch Bunnies VIP Club!



At HoppScotch.bun, we believe every bun has a voice. A louder voice than the what any local pet supply store gives your bunny credit for. To us, your bun is more than just a "Small Animal." Your bunny isn't the same as guinea pig, hamster, or ferret. They are not rodents.

Just over two years ago, we became fascinated by the idea of making a Bunny Utopia of quality supplies, scientifically proofed for buns of all sizes.

At HoppScotch.bun , we’re much the same as your pets – well disposed, fun loving and absolutely stand-out. That is on the grounds that we don’t simply convey your pet sustenance, we become more acquainted with you and your little buns, so we can assist you with keeping them "binkying" around the house.

#HopperShoppers is a community of bunny parents who are dedicated to helping the world of bunny parents to tons of tips, ideas, and memes. We are here to inform, entertain, and inspire action through the content and experiences we create. We are open-minded and empathetic towards other's experiences and help new parents who strive to create the best bunny experience.


BEST litterbox for my bun! He is only 5 months old so this size litterbox is good for now. I’ve tried everything else, this is the best one. Planning on it being the last one I’ll have to buy.


Bunny loves it and it does work well for my purposes! I was going to use a hooded cat box or this grate type. I gave this a try first. #1My litter box is not tucked in a corner or cage and it’s got to stay clean. It’s always in my face. #2 Bun had yellow paws and a poo stuck to her that wouldn’t budge. Well.. It’s comfortable for bunny and she hangs out there a lot. Just wish the tray was deeper (to space out cleanings longer) and I wound up cutting back on bedding usage. I’m only sprinkling a few paper pellets in this, more on the edges. Also, I wish it was a little longer (for bigger bunnies and multiple bunnies in one home). A bunny should be able to do a 360 spin and it’s not going to fit all bunnies. I have a holland lop but anything bigger is not appropriate. Anymore than one bunny is not appropriate unless babies. Some people prefer a big litter box to put the hay on the grate with bunny. So bigger is always better. But I do highly recommend this!!This is a very well made one that serves its purposes. It doesn’t look bad in our shared space. I put it in a diy plastic cubby with hay next to it. This helped keep the hay out of the litter box and kept it at a “grazing “ height for bunny. I’ve also put it in a plastic tote (brand “sterile” plastic drawer from the plastic dressers). Then filled the empty space with hay! Hope this helps! If so please like my review 👍🏽Ty! 🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹 I love that I don’t have to have a ugly, messy, and hard to clean litter box anymore. So much money was wasted on bedding and it always got everywhere from bunny hopping in and out. Ugh what a mess! The color cream is great! I hate plastic pink or blue litter boxes. It looked more modern instead of toddler looking. JMO! Your bunny should be able to turn around in your litter box(360). I was afraid to order too small of a litter box online But, this is bigger than we had. I was afraid bunny would miss scratching and moving bedding around. This is completely different than regular litter boxes. She just needed a new thing to scratch like a cat scratching box and some encouragement when she visited the new litter box on day 1. She was definitely confused and scratched it a few times and refused to use it the first few hours. But she eventually loved the attention she got for using it and did. Now she loves it! You can tell! And No more dirty feet! She had a poo ball stuck to her fur and looked into this type of litter box. None since.


PROS: easy to clean and so far hasn’t stained like my last few boxes, easy to assemble, aesthetically pleasing, good overall design (visually and functionally), smooth plastic, but seeming durable that doesn’t hurt my buns feet,cage/bar clips that look so cute, if your bun is a digger like mine they can’t fling their litter everywhere like a obnoxious lil trash rat, can’t with a coupon for my next purchase so if your the type to buy multiple boxes this is good, seems like it was actually designed with real rabbit behavior and rabbits in mind vs the other poorly made ones. CONS: may be small depending on size and number of buns, shallow pan (again dependent on your bun(s), pretty expensive as far as plastic litter boxes go, lack of color options for people who don’t want a cutesy look, the lip where the top meets the bottom collects pee kinda, needs frequent changing because of small size ~> overall I love this litter box there’s ways around the cons. For example when I first got it I was putting the hay in one side like they suggest which worked great but my buns like to eat together to I ending up getting a hay bag plus it was way less mess. I have a Holland lop dwarf and a Netherland dwarf and it’s perfect is for both of them *by themselves* but together it’s a tight fit. Their lil bunny butts barely fit inside. I supposed I could orient the hay bag on the other side but then I couldn’t use the bar clips for my grid. Like some else said most buns like to piss in corners so there per and collect in that tiny lip where the two parts connect and it can be gross. Speaking of gross the tray is pretty shallow so you pretty much need to dump/scoop every day. ESPECIALLY if you have more than one bun because though this box does a great job collected their poops I’d say it’s maybe marginally better that a regular high sided litter box because it’s so shallow (especially once you add a layer of litter you have like 1-2inch of top space left at best ) that if your bun has a favorite corner the poo balls pile up and overflow quickly/get easily knocked out. The grid helps if you have a messy bun/one that likes dig and it also means you can keep their feet cleaner and keep them away from their litter. For me this was a positive because I wanted to try out natural/sustainable clumping litter (corn,wheat,tofu, ect) that wouldn’t hurt them but I didn’t want them to eat or play with their litter so the separation is nice. Overall again I love it. Better than my plastic regular cat boxes, or any of the wooden ones with built in hay racks as my dumb buns loved to pee all over the wood got gross fast. It would be nice if the company made some bigger sizes for people with chubby bunnies out there or buns like mine that are closely bonded and want to eat together. It seems like the company responded to the first complaint about that sticker so my next request for improvement: -add neutral colors (white,black,grey,tan or brown) I waited forever to order the peach cream because that pink and blue looks so cheap. - figure outa way to slant in that inner lip so the iron doesn’t collect on the rim slowly - make the box less shallow and make bigger sizes for our plus sized buns out there.

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